I received this lovely Official Postcrossing card from New Jersey! This one shows an interesting quote from writer Mark Twain, author of books like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “The Prince and the Pauper”. What I gather from this quote is that bottling up an emotion like anger will cause more pain to the one holding it in, than it would to anything that it’s directed towards. While a person should also consider the way in which they vent their anger (e.g. a constructive, respectful way versus blind rage), I think the point is that keeping it inside oneself to fester with no release is the most detrimental thing one could do with it. I’ve come to learn some effective ways to let out anger (this mostly happens during work hours haha hmm wonder why…), such as yelling into a pillow (credit to Youtuber Arin Hanson for that one). I know that sounds kinda cheesy or immature but it’s actually majorly helpful, and it spares my furniture from physical damage and my neighbors from worrying about me XD Feel free to share your personal anger coping skills if you’d like! BTW I love the picture here – I’m assuming our feline friend here is yawning, but in the context of the quote it could look like screaming. I’ve got plenty of pillows, my friend – I’m willing to share one with you! Thanks a ton for this postcard!