This Official Postcrossing postcard came to me from the UK! This was a really cool and fitting postcard for the times – it’s a vintage poster beckoning people to practice courtesy when sick in public! This dates back to the time of WWII, which explains the blurb at the bottom there about keeping the Nation Fighting Fit. This poster is perfect – it portrays the level of repulsion you’ll get when you don’t cover your coughs or sneezes. I mean, look at those glares from the men and disapproval from the ladies! And that’s gotta be a powerful sneeze to make you hop off the ground like that. Which means the firepower of that sneeze has gotta be pretty crazy. Moral of the story: even when things are back to normal in terms of the pandemic, let’s all continue to do our part to prevent the spread of germs and instead spread happiness. And feel free to email me for an APFY-brand handkerchief, priced at only 150 USD, plus tax (stop sneezes in style, amirite? XD) Thank you so much for choosing this swell postcard for me, Janet!