I got this Official Postcrossing card from Arizona! Anybody from my generation remember the days back in middle school where you’d walk into a clothing shop and see Happy Bunny printed on a bunch of the shirts? Maybe if/when you visited the boardwalk? (For some reason that’s the memory that sticks with me – seeing Happy Bunny shirts while perusing the boardwalk stores of Ocean City, Maryland.) Happy Bunny is the epitome of crude, sharp-tongued cuteness. If you’re not familiar with Happy Bunny, it was created by illustrator Jim Benton back in the 90s, and became popular just after the turn of the century. The jokes accompanying Happy Bunny are usually sarcastic, or in this case, start off innocent/complimentary and become insults in the next line. I remember being it kind of offending me as a kid LOL I was so thin-skinned back in the day XD But now, I don’t mind if Happy Bunny’s standing here on this card, likening me to a house pet – I’m just happy for the memories! Thank you lots for choosing this one for me!