Here’s a rad Official Postcrossing postcard from California! Anyone recognize what this concept art is of? Hint 1: A galaxy far, far away. Hint 2: Bounty hunter. Hint 3: Okay I’ll just tell you the answer – it’s the Slave I! This is “a modified Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft” (took that right from the fandom page because I am not versed in Star Wars vehicles), which first shows up in “The Empire Strikes Back”, piloted by Boba Fett, and later manned by Jango Fett in “The Clone Wars”. I’ve seen the original six movies (and enjoyed them!), but my main connection to this craft has to be from playing Shadows of the Empire for the Nintendo 64. We’re talkin’ a couple decades ago! The famous bounty hunter is a boss in that game, where you have to take out the Slave I using a gun. I remember that level being particularly difficult for me as a kid. But now that I have the blueprint here, Boba’s no match for me when I play again! Great memories coming back to me from this card – thank you tons for choosing this for me, Kayelyn!