This postcard came to me from Indonesia! This illustration is a scene of the famous Indonesian folklore, Timun Mas, or “The Golden Cucumber”. This was a fascinating one to read about – I’ll give you a synopsis! So there’s an old lady living by the jungle, who wishes to have a child. One day when she goes out to the jungle following a dream she had, she encounters something wrapped in cloth! She unwraps it to reveal a cute little… cucumber seed? Suddenly, a giant comes up behind her and tells her to plant it, and she will be gifted with a child. But he imposes a catch – once the child becomes an adult, the lady has to give it back to the giant… so that he can eat the poor thing! Quite the twisted investment, if you ask me! Anyway, despite the horrifying conditions set by the giant, the lady plants the seed, which sprouts a golden cucumber holding a little baby girl! That is the birth of Timun Mas. The old lady enjoys the company of Timun Mas, whose kindness and reliability are a huge help to her. Things go well… until a week before Timun Mas’ 17th birthday rolls around. That’s when the hungry giant, fork and knife in hand (okay I added the “fork and knife” part for embellishment), comes back to remind the lady about the deal. Does the lady take well to this? Uhhhhhhhh no. In response, she acquires help from an old hermit up on the mountain, who gives her four bags containing, cucumber seeds, needles, salt, and shrimp paste. The old lady gives them to Timun Mas and tells her to run as far away as she can. When the giant comes back to feast on Timun Mas, she speeds off. As she’s being chased, she tosses some of the contents of the hermits’ bags, which impede the giant’s pursuit. Shown here on the card is when Timun Mas tosses out the needles, which turn into a bamboo forest with sharp tips. Clearly not a welcoming encounter for the giant! I will refrain from spoiling the ending here – gotta give some extra incentive for viewers to read the folktale! Love this card and had a great time learning about the story – thank you so much for sending this wonderful postcard to me, Emma!