Okay, so I’m gonna do something I will probably regret – right now, I’m feelin’ myself with getting these APFY posts out, so I’ve decided that I will go back to doing one post per day instead of one per two days! A few months from now I’m sure I’ll be like “Past Tyler, why did you have to be so bullheadedly ambitious?” Anyway, today I’d like to share this Official Postcrossing card from Canada! This is a postcard created by the sender, who is a painter and a collagist. You can see her other works here at https://emmarts.ca/ – there are a LOT of them! And in various styles too – textile, watercolor painting, mixed media and digital collages. I believe this one here is a combination of her drawings and photos. I’m astounded by the versatility of what she can do – like, imagine being good at ONE form of art! Lovely work – thank you so much for sharing it with me, Gabriele, and continue to do what you do!