Check out this super cool postcard from the Philippines! This beautiful postcard was created by the sender, and it is just marvelous. I always think to myself (subconsciously) that professionally-made postcards are just supposed to magically appear on the racks of stationery stores and souvenir shops. Like the professional look of them is just spontaneous happenstance and can’t actually be done by human capacity (does this even make sense? LOL my brain…) But then I look at something like this, and I realize that there are just incredibly talented and creative people behind the works of art. I’d like to thank Lui of Doodle ni Maria for this awesome postcard! You can check out her other works at her FB page ( – I’m not joking when I speak of how impressively drawn/painted these cards are. Thank you Lui for sharing with me a bit of your amazing handcrafted world!