Today I bring you a work of unending charm from Italy! Gosh, I feel like this has been Artist Alley Week or something… too many talented senders! (Definitely not a bad problem to have!) This infinitely adorable postcard was to sent to me for my birthday (excuse me – my bird-day <3 ) earlier this month, along with a lovely note and another card that I will share later this week! You know that feeling when you see something that’s “so cute you wanna cry”? This is totally a SCYWC-type of card, and I absolutely love it. With each passing birthday, there’s an unspoken pressure to subscribe to “real-world adulthood”… especially now that this is my last birthday of my 20s (good grief… :O ) But when I receive something like this – especially from someone who has sent me equally wonderful cards for multiple other birthdays and occasions – I am grounded back in a world of wonder, gentleness and childlike joy! I can’t stop smiling at this… thank you SOOOO much for everything you’ve done for me, Antonella!