Here’s a rad postcard from Indonesia! This actually shows the sender, Hime, who does some EXCEPTIONAL cosplaying. Here she is cosplaying as a character from the Final Fantasy series, Cindy Aurum! While I’m still perpetually stuck on the original Final Fantasy VII game for the very first Playstation, Cindy comes from Final Fantasy XV, and is the head mechanic who performs work on the player’s car. In comparing the picture of this character to Hime’s cosplay, it is completely spot-on, and I’m not just saying that to be nice (after all, I have my own cosplays to compare to and, well, talk about the difference between Four Seasons and McDonald’s…) Hime has done NUMEROUS other cosplays with the same degree of professionalism, detail and creativity – you can check out her repository of other works at! Fun fact: I had the honor of meeting her briefly at Starbucks when I traveled to Jakarta in 2015! (And I remember in my typical dopey star-struck fashion I asked for her autograph XD I’m not a great opener…) Major props to you, Hime, for all you do and the inspiration you strike in others with your work! And thank you so much for your wonderful postcard and friendship! (Oh and for that autograph too, LOL.)