Today we’re featuring… EVERY POSTCARD I’VE EVER RECEIVED! Okay calm down, Tyler… but no, seriously – over the past week or so I’ve been working on the fairly mammoth task of categorizing all of my received postcards (as well as some blank ones I acquired here and there). I don’t dare count how many there are, but if anyone is willing to do it I offer a competitive flat rate as compensation. But yeah, so I organized this by country, followed by state for any ones received within the US, and then by theme if they didn’t fit into a country/state grouping. There were definitely some challenges with deciding whether or not to put certain cards in one category or another… but I vigorously reminded myself not to overthink it, lest I spend the rest of my life building flowcharts to funnel cards in exactly the right places. I can tell you I’ve spent a good portion of my time speculating how to organize and display my postcards. I’d be very curious – for those who are also avid collectors, how do you store your cards?