Here is another postcard from Italy, sent from the same sender as my last post! Today, we’re featuring Sappada, a village located in the Dolomite Mountains (northern Italy, even further north than Burano – it’s near where the Italian-Austrian border lies). Given its spot in the mountains, it’s a great spot for winter sports (e.g. skiing and snowboarding), and of course hiking. Featured on this card is a few panels on the Sappada Carnival, which takes place on the three Sundays prior to Lent. In the bottom-left is a pair of Carnival-goers dressed up as villagers and wearing wooden masks. During Carnival, people adorn these kinds of garments as both an homage to tradition and simply as a theatrical display. To kind of keep the mystery of who’s behind the masks, people are generally discouraged from revealing their faces during the festivities. There are also the Rollate, shown on the right side of the card – these are characters (I feel like “characters” is the appropriate term here) who almost resemble bears, what with their bulky, furry attire. They wear wooden masks, usually with mustaches on them, and either red or white handkerchiefs around their necks, bells around their waists, and broomsticks in their hands. If you’re a kid partaking in Carnival, be warned that one of the Rollate might come after you, brandishing said broomstick! (Don’t worry, this is a typical thing in the Sappada Carnival and only done as a joke… I think…?) Thank you bunches for sending me this postcard, Antonella!