So on my wall of postcards from 2014 (no, sorry – wallS… it’s plural…), there’s this one card that seems to keep falling down. Apparently the 5-year-old sticky tack is no longer sufficient to reinforce it with. But I took this as a sign that it wants me to make a post of it. So ya know what – I’m gonna do that! This is an Official Postcrossing card that arrived from China! Many of you probably have seen this painting – and if you haven’t, the title and painter associated with it are listed right here! It’s the one and only Van Gogh! Mr. Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Dutch painter of the 1800s, and he’s VERY well-known for his painted landscapes, portraits and still lifes. In his early years, Van Gogh traveled around Europe a bunch, trying to figure out his identity. He ended up realizing his calling as a painter with the help of his brother Théo, with whom he corresponded with by letter. His first paintings bore dark colors and had kind of a melancholy aura around them. You might’ve heard of “The Potato Eaters”, which exhibits just that. After meeting some other famous impressionist painters, though, his works became livelier and more vibrant. That’s how paintings like this one came about! Fun fact: because Van Gogh didn’t have much money, instead of using paint to test out how well different colors would pair, he used pieces of wool! I had the privilege of visiting the Van Gogh Museum when I was in Amsterdam, and it was a very informative experience! Another fun fact: they sell potato chips sporting “The Potato Eaters”, which legitimately made me laugh out loud when I came across them XD Thank you so much for sending me this postcard!