Here is a postcard I received from Italy! This card features the island of Burano, which is located in the Lagoon of Venice (northeastern Italy). If you were to type the name of this island into Google (or whatever search engine you use, I won’t judge), you would probably find every color on the spectrum from the image results that pop up! Like, seriously no joke – it’s like someone knocked over a 200-square meter easel and all the paint landed on it. But yeah – if you don’t look it up on Google, you can still already tell by this card how colorful this island is. Anyway, Burano is a very small Venetian island, so small that you could sprint from one side to the other (well, if you’re somewhat of an avid runner, at least). It’s known for its traditional lacemaking and, of course, it’s colorful façades. Legend has it that these houses were colored this way in the past so that sailors could spot them in foggy conditions. Oh, and I mean through actual fog AND through the fog of drunkenness. Now THAT’S a bro move on the part of the commune of Venice! This is such an intriguing little island and I kinda wanna visit it – I could hardly imagine a foggy day every existing in a place like this! Thank you so much for this marvelous postcard and for all your kindness, Antonella! (Oh, and thanks for supplying so much of the info used in this post, too!)