Today I’m sharing a postcard I received back in 2014 from Ghana! I’d like to start this post by saying that this was sent to me by friends who have worked for years to have a school built in their hometown, Tamale. It was just recently finished and they are now fundraising for school supplies! Feel free to visit if you are interested in donating to the cause! Anyway, this is a multiview of Cape Coast Castle, located in the middle of the country’s only coast in the south. Oh, and I should mention that Ghana is a relatively small country in western Africa – it’s located along the continent’s inner curve (alongside Ivory Coast and Togo). Cape Coast Castle was a “slave castle” of the 1600s – during the era of international slave trade, it served as a holding area before they were put onto ships for other countries. The living conditions, of course, were appalling, as you might imagine. This building is fortified with cannons, which you can see on the bottom left and a bit in the higher picture – amid the number of European nations that attempted to seize and reseize control of the castle, it came under attack quite a bit. Fortunately, the with the early 1800s ban on slave trade, none of that mattered any more as it was no longer used for its original grisly purpose. I know it’s a bit of a dark topic especially considering I’m also sharing wonderful news about the school, but I will say that I’m fascinated by the leaps and bounds that have been made over the centuries (and I expect there to be more!) Thank you so much Gaf and Sisu for this card from so long ago, and for all you and your team have done to make a difference!