This postcard is from Poland! This card commemorates the Polish Independence Day, which is on November 11th. Poland has been a sovereign nation since 1918, when it was given its independence at the end of WWI. The Polish Independence Day is a public holiday and is usually celebrated with gatherings and parades. On the scarf on this card you can see the words “Mamy Niepodległą!” written – this is a campaign that promotes the day of independence through postcards. During a certain time period, you can ask to fill out a postcard and send to someone, free of charge. These cards feature one of three artistic works created for the occasion. I love the one that was chosen for me – I think it’s neat how it features a simple scene of the little joys in life rather than indicia of things related to war or politics. It’s just a really cute card with the campaign name and the colors of the Polish flag on the scarf! Thank you so much for sending this my way, Magdalena!