Month: January 2021

Sippin’ On Nectar!

I received this handmade card from Canada! Today we’re looking at a solar-powered hummingbird feeder (as if the large caption didn’t make it obvious), with a few patrons ordering takeout from it. Hummingbirds eat insects and nectar, and based on the little tiny ports in the decorative flowers, we can […]

Envision the Luster!

This postcard came to me from Finland! This adorable, holographic card is a work by Anita Polkutie, a Finnish illustrator whose works seem to often be Christmas-themed based on what I could find. A lot of them look like they’re done in watercolor as well. I couldn’t find much else on her, but […]

Remembering Christmas of 2020!

What’s this? Is this a post? I know I’ve taken a longer-than-expected hiatus from posting but I finally decided to get back into it. No more pleasantries though – here’s a postcard from Germany! My dear friend sent me this cute card for Christmas – a holiday that I always […]