This one is an Official Postcrossing postcard from Taiwan! Shown is Lalu Island, located in Sun Moon Lake which is found right in the middle of the country. Yep – it’s that really small island just a bit left of the center. This island’s name is taken from the language of the Thao people, who comprise one of the smallest groups of aboriginals in Taiwan. With their numbers at around only 800, they currently reside in areas around Sun Moon Lake. Lalu Island is considered to be a home for the ancestral spirits of the Thao, though it’s only in the past few decades that its sacredness was acknowledged by the government. Over time, the island has had a dam and a wedding pavilion built on it; the dam ended up flooding the island and the wedding pavilion was destroyed in an earthquake. (Message received!) Today, this island is closed off to tourists, though the areas surrounding Sun Moon Lake can be explored and enjoyed. Thank you lots for sending this lovely card to me!