This postcard came to me from Malaysia! (Different from the bundle I talked about earlier!) “In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king” – anyone recognize this quote? It is a quote from James Moriarty of the Sherlock Holmes series! I’ve not read any of the Sherlock books, but it was easy enough to find out this quote was from the series. I believe this quote bears a hint of malice or maybe smugness in its original context… however, could we apply it to something inspirational? Anything can be made inspirational if you put your mind to it (a conspicuously cheesy inspirational statement in itself XD) What does a “locked room” look like for someone? Is it a goal or a dream that they’ve consigned to never accomplishing because of the intimidation of failure, or farfetchedness of success? Is it a new way of thinking or set of values that they haven’t yet considered? Is it simply the unexplored? At any rate, and in the context of both Sherlock and abstract life concepts, the “key” seems to symbolize progress, enlightenment, etc. That’s my take on it all, anyway! Oh, also – the painting in the background is “Rouen Cathedral”, painted by the one and only Claude Monet! I can’t mistake that style for anything else! Thank you bunches once again for all you generosity, Carmen!