I received this postcard from Belgium! Actually, it’s more like Belg-yum! ‘Cause we’re talkin’ about cuberdons today! Cuberdons are the conical candies you see here. At first I thought they were those plastic granules used in manufacturing. These look tasty so I’m glad that’s not the case! Cuberdons are Belgian candies that have gummy outsides and gooey fillings on the inside, which are typically raspberry-flavored. One theory speculates that the origin of these candies comes from the late 1800s, where a pharmacist had a batch of medicinal syrup that had kinda crusted up, while the inside remained liquidy. The discovery was said to have led him to open up a candy shop using a similar concept. While these are a nostalgic treat for many, their popularity pales in comparison to other features of Belgium (e.g. the chocolates) given their lack of exposure, particularly outside of the country. The ingredients used to make them yield a short shelf life – three weeks causes the gooey insides to crystallize. So, exporting them to other countries is tricky. Luckily, in recent years the cuberdon has been gaining more prestige internationally, however. Fun fact: an alternate Dutch name for these candies is “neusjes”, which translates to “noses”, simply because their shape represents a human nose. While a cute thought, it does make the gooey inside a little more questionable… if you catch my drift. But heck, I’d still eat it! Thank you so much for sending me this wonderful postcard, Hilda!