We’re gonna revisit the Malaysian anime bundle for card #7! I shared a card of this show not too long ago, and I will share the other one I received! This is from K-On!, one of my favorite anime shows. As a brief reminder, the group here – After-School Tea Time – spends 30% of their time in the light music club playing music, and 70% of their time drinking tea and eating cakes. Four of the five members of the group are depicted here, all third-year students of Sakuragaoka High School (Azusa is not shown in this one – she is a second-year who joins later in the show). From left to right, it’s Ritsu, Mio, Yui and Tsumugi (Mugi)… and they are truly stars of this show. Ritsu is kind of the jokester of the club; she’s especially constantly teasing Mio. While a bit irresponsible sometimes (and as the president of the club, that lends itself to some trouble), she brings a warm and fun energy to the group. Mio is a shy but very talented member of the club. She is kind, somewhat serious, and often ends up being the butt of Ritsu’s jokes, and she gets easily spooked by things like stories of the occult. But she is regarded as a top fan favorite! Yui is the lead guitarist/vocalist of the group, and she’s probably my favorite (though I adore them all!) While clumsy, childish and easily distracted, she’s super upbeat and extremely hardworking when she puts her mind to something (e.g. the guitar, which she didn’t know how to play when becoming part of the club). Lastly, there’s Mugi, who is a piano prodigy and daughter of a very wealthy family. She’s very unobnoxious, playful and laidback – making her my #2 favorite! Fun fact: the high school in this show is modeled after a former elementary school in Shiga prefecture of Japan! If I ever get the chance to go back soon, I may need to make a stop here! Thank you sooooo much for this awesome postcard, Jane!