I veered off from the Malaysian anime bundle for a while but now here is card #6! I thought I had posted about this show before but it appears I’ve not done so. This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite anime shows: K-On! (That’s pronounced “Kay-Own”, BTW; also, the exclamation point is part of the title, though I exclaim it anyway when I speak of it.) K-On! features a posse of high school students that starts a light music club, with light music being similar to J-pop music in this case. Their band is known as After-School Tea Time, largely because much of their time spent at the club involves eating cakes and drinking tea! From left to right, we have Azusa Nakano (the rhythm guitarist), Yui Hirasawa (the lead guitarist and vocalist), Ritsu Tainaka (the drummer), Mio Akiyama (the bassist and songwriter), and Tsumugi Kotobuki (the keyboardist). While there are musical performances in the show, it is considered more of a “slice of life” that focuses on their fun times together the rather than a full-on musical show. Though it was adapted from a manga, the general consensus seems to point to the show standing superior to the original source material. It is adorable, INCREDIBLY funny and wholesome! Loved this show so much that I got a wall scroll of it for Christmas #NoCap. I have my family to thank for that one! Thank you so much for this amazing postcard, Jane!