Month: September 2020

Selfies Like a 1400s Boss!

This postcard reached me from Germany! We’re gonna take a trip back about five centuries to the time of this painters existence – Albrecht Dürer! Dürer was a painter and printmaker from the Renaissance period (15th/16th centuries). While he did painting and some writing, his biggest artistic impact came from […]

Martian Tours!

Yussss, a Mars postcard from the UK! I believe in my latest post about Mars, we got to see a real look at the Red Planet’s surface ( In this one, we get to see what I can only imagine is space tourism, where couples can be flown around in […]

Got Your Nose!

I received this postcard from Belgium! Actually, it’s more like Belg-yum! ‘Cause we’re talkin’ about cuberdons today! Cuberdons are the conical candies you see here. At first I thought they were those plastic granules used in manufacturing. These look tasty so I’m glad that’s not the case! Cuberdons are Belgian […]