Here is a postcard from China! What’s shown here is Xiaoshang Bridge, a bridge located in Henan Province (which is kind of in the western part of the country). This bridge is oooold, dating back as far as 584 A.D.! As you can probably tell, this isn’t a very large bridge – it’s about as big as maybe one of the bridges I can find locally. Nonetheless, it’s been a part of the country’s list of monuments since 2001. One thing that distinguishes this bridge is the presence of relief decorations – those etchings that you can see along the arches. Also, if I’m not mistaken, there’s a beastly face coming out from between the first and second arch and second and third arch? I didn’t send out a memo but we’re playing “I Spy” with postcards right now. Thank you very much for sending me this postcard!