Heck, we’re gonna roll right into the next card – card #5! I might actually need to enlist the help of someone… does anyone know the name of what film this is from? I’m assuming it’s Studio Ghibli. I did a reverse image search and came up with Porco Russo, but wasn’t sure since I didn’t see this character anywhere when I looked up the film. In case this is in fact correct… I’ll share a bit about it! Porco Russo is a 1992 Ghibli film featuring an Italian WWI pilot who is now a bounty hunter for air pirates. His name is Marco, but because of a curse, he was turned into a humanoid pig. That’s probably the extent of what I can share without spoiling it, for you and for myself. Anyway, there is a $1,000,000 bounty for anyone who can confirm this film’s name (that’s APFY currency, which is pretty much worthless, but that’s a secret…). So that could make you a millionaire! (In worthless currency! But again, it’s a secret, and I won’t tell you that…) Thank you very much for this, Jane!