I received a whoooole bunch of anime cards from Malaysia! Ahhhh I’m excited to share these! But I’m going to resist sharing them all at once, and will instead share them periodically. There are a lot, so… yeah, here we go! We’ll start with one that many people can relate to – can you guess which movie this scene is from? If I’m not mistaken, this is from a certain Hayao Miyazaki film, where Mei Kusakabe meets a certain furry friend at for the first time. Did I mention that I watched this movie for the first time fairly recently? Like, within the past year – back when movie theatres/cinemas were somewhere I could frequent TT_TT I have to say – it’s admirable how My Neighbor Totoro (oops I gave away the name) appeals to one’s sense of wonder. Like there’s really no explanation for what Totoro and his friends are. But especially as a kid, the show makes it so easy to simply accept the whimsy and wonder at face value and just enjoy what’s going on. A friend of mine and I recently talked about Miyazaki films and how they have such vast worlds, and the films themselves could truly be springboards to learn more about them. Studio Ghibli’s works are so fascinating! Thank you so much for sending me all these amazing postcards that I’m about to post, Jane!