I received this postcard from Malaysia! This is a design titled “Rhino in the City”, and it features the Sumatran rhino, the smallest species of rhinoceros in existence. If you want a frame of reference for how tall they are, the average horse is generally taller (these rhinos are about 1.1-1.5m tall). Aside from their distinction from other rhinos with regards to height, they also have longer hair (and alternative name for them is the “hairy rhinoceros”), and they actually have not one but two horns! You can see the invariable “nose” horn even in this picture, but the second horn is a bit more subtle. It’s located a bit behind the pointy horn, and it’s a lot more short and round. Of course – as seems to be the unfortunate trend with many of the animals I post about – this species of rhino is critically endangered. Its main threats are habitat loss and poachers who hunt them for their horns. As I mentioned in my previous post, though, there are things being done to preserve their existence. One such thing is the establishment of breeding centers, such as the one cited on this card Sungai Dusun Wildlife Sanctuary. A percentage of the sale from this postcard also went to help fund the research at this center. Thank you so much for sending me this lovely postcard!