This one is a handmade postcard from Canada! If I asked you to name a purple mammal, would you be able to do it? Grimace from the McDonald’s franchise doesn’t count… and no naming Pokemon, either. Actually I don’t even know if I could do THAT much. But here we are, with the nearly unreal-looking one shown on this card – the Malabar giant squirrel! Also known as the Indian giant squirrel, this critter is a wondrous sight endemic to India. For starters, it’s a BIG squirrel, with a head-to-tail length as high as nearly a full meter. Then there’s the multi-colored fur, featuring different patches of color that include maroon and purple. It arguably has more red in it than the red squirrel! While it’s simply a pretty thing to look at for us humans, it’s actually advantageous for them, too. Because their fur is colored in patches and not just one solid color or texture, it helps them avoid detection in areas untouched by the sunlight. It also helps their stealth that they mainly reside in the trees, rarely descending to the ground. Their diet mainly consists of fruits, nuts and the like, so they can do all their grocery shopping from up high. I know lately my animal cards have been of animals that were critically endangered… fortunately, the Malabar giant squirrel does not fall into that category! While habitat destruction does pose a threat, these guys are still comfortably sitting in the far right end of the spectrum, under “least concern”. Jubilation! Thank you so much for sending me this beautiful postcard!