This postcard arrived from Poland! This is a work done by Tymon Niesiołowski, a Polish painter and graphic artist of the 1900s. Niesiołowski was the co-creator of a group known as the Polish Expressionists (later, known as the Formists), whose works contrasted deeply with the pre-WWI traditional art (realism, for example). As a matter of fact, Niesiołowski’s earlier works were largely influenced by those of Gustav Klimt – anybody remember this dude? He was huge into symbolism – you can check out more about him here: So yeah, back to the matter at hand – Niesiołowski’s main subjects were nude figures and still lifes. While his style periodically changed with the onset of new influences, one thing that seems to characterize quite a few of his works is the use of thick contour lines. In short, those are the outlines, like what you would see in drawings. You can see it in this painting here, which is simply titled “Tulips”. It’s especially apparent around the yellow tulips. His affinity for colorist influences are also evident here, and by “colorist” I mean the focus of vibrant colors over the other aspects of a painted work (finally, an art term that’s slightly easier to wrap my head around!) Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful postcard with me and for all your generosity, Magdalena!