I think this postcard may have been part of the earlier unknown bundle that I shared about, as it’s blank on the back. Here we’ve got five canine buddies, doing some synchronized panting! That’s an impressive shot – there must be something to the left of them that’s really appealing (a mound of T-bone steaks?) This dog breed is known as the English setter. English setters are characterized by thin fringes of fur on the backs of their legs, their bellies, and their tails. Can’t really see it in this picture, but yeah, in short they’re fluffy in certain places. They also have small spots on their faces and other areas, almost like freckles. The English setter is one of the oldest breed of gun dogs – basically, hunting dogs – with their history dating back as far as the 14th century. They are, however, very gentle. Thank you lots for sending me this postcard!