I got this postcard from Missouri! This was a card picked up during the sender’s trip to Missouri with her family – and it features Indiana, the Hoosier State! You can check out my April post for some info about this state: https://apostcardforyou.com/2020/04/for-the-last-time-whos-here/. But fear not, I’ll throw you some more fun facts too! So here we go – fun fact: Indiana’s motto is “Crossroads of America”. The reason? Four interstate highways cross into the city of Indianapolis. So even if this state were boring (and it’s not!), you still wouldn’t be able to help but pass through here on the way somewhere, let’s say… Missouri XD Fun fact: there is a town in Indiana called Santa Claus! While it has things appropriate for year-round fun, its road and building names take after Christmas-themed things, and statues of Mr. Claus himself are abundant. Oh, and its post office gets around 400,000 letters from children each year addressed to the man. Phew, talk about seasonal job security! All right, how ‘bout one more? Fun fact: some of you may have heard of the city of Pawnee, as featured in the TV show “Parks and Recreation”. This is actually a completely fictional city! There’s a website for the city, though, and it looks rather official. But if you read the contents of it, you’ll see how ridiculous (and funny) some of it is. While I don’t watch the show myself, I particularly enjoyed reading the “town slogans” section XD Anyway, thank you sooooo much Irma, Rob & Izzy for thinking of me and for sending this lovely postcard my way during your trip!