Because of my blunder yesterday with guessing the name of the film, I’m gonna feature this Porco Russo card that I received and talk about the film featured previously! I think it’s only fair. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually switch the descriptions so that they match their respective films… but for comedic purposes, I’ll leave it this way. So yeah, Castle in the Sky! This is the very first animated Ghibli film, which came out in 1986 (six years before Porco Russo). Interestingly enough, there are sky pirates in this movie too! The antagonist featured on the other card – Dola – is the one leading the pirating against the main character, an orphan named Sheeta, who was abducted and being flown to a military prison. A blue pendant worn by Sheeta protects her from the midair disaster that ensues, and she later meets up with another protagonist – Pazu – who tells her about a mystical floating city known as Laputa. They work together to discover this city, all while doing their best to evade pursuit from Dola. I have yet to watch this one – clearly, since I couldn’t identify the characters in it – so into the kilometer-long watch list it goes. Thank you bunches for sending me this postcard!