This postcard reached me from Finland! This is a view of Rauma, a town located in the southwestern part of the country. Founded in 1442, it’s the third-oldest town in the country. Rauma is known for its paper and maritime (sea-based) industry as well as its bobbin lacemaking. You can see an example of the lacemaking in the corner of this card (how convenient! This would’ve been impossible to describe otherwise!) This card spurred me to learn what bobbin lacemaking actually was… and my word it looks like such tedious work! In short, this artwork – which dates back to the 1740s – works by twisting threads around and holding them in place with pins. I’d recommend watching a video of it, honestly… and you’ll probably see how patience-hungry this craft is! I bet some of you do lacemaking… you’re the real MVPs here. Anyway, Rauma is also known for its UNESCO World Heritage site, which is Old Rauma, shown here. This is an area with a bunch of really cool and colorful buildings, all constructed of wood. It stands as an example of traditional living quarters the Nordic areas during the 15th century (which is one of the reasons it was designated as a UNESCO site! ETHNOGRAPHY!) Though it’s a look through a porthole to the past, it seems to do well in offering visitors a both contemporary and traditional experience through its stores, cafes, etc. Oh! And would you look at that – there’s a Lace Week that takes place here too! This is a competition to see who can become the town’s fastest lacemaker (true story!) Man… it takes me like a half hour just to tie my shoes, yet these craftspeople are cranking out the silky equivalent of Picassos at Mach speed. Lace on, my friends! Thank you Päivi for yet another awesome postcard!