Here’s an Official Postcrossing card from Russia! This one features a work of art by renowned artist Pablo Picasso. I would argue that Picasso is one of the most well-known artists in all of history, with “Picasso” becoming a household name and perhaps a term used in certain sarcastic remarks (e.g. “all my drawings are straight-up Picassos” – which they’re absolutely not XD) Picasso was a Spanish artist of the 1900s who also created ceramics, sculptures, prints, and even rugs. It’s said that the total number of works he’s done is around 50,000 – yeah, read that number again! 50,000! He cofounded cubism with Georges Braque, which was one of the most influential styles of the century. This is an abstract art style where the subject of the painting is broken down into pieces (called planes) and painted differently so as to show different perspectives of the same thing. “Bowl of Fruit, Violin and Bottle” would be a really good example of this style. On the more well-known side, you have paintings of his such as “Guernica” and “The Weeping Woman”… and now I present you this one here! This is “Woman with a Fan”, which was completed in 1907, and is representative of the cubist style (though I think it’s less rigidly cubist than, say, the bowl of fruit one). And while this woman may have one fan, Picasso has many himself! ‘Cause we onlookers are his fans! (I’m writing this four minutes before work starts so that’s the best pun I can think of right now…) Thank you so much for this wonderful postcard and for your kindness, Evgeniya!