Month: August 2020

What a Relief!

Here is a postcard from China! What’s shown here is Xiaoshang Bridge, a bridge located in Henan Province (which is kind of in the western part of the country). This bridge is oooold, dating back as far as 584 A.D.! As you can probably tell, this isn’t a very large […]

Fixing My Mistakes!

Because of my blunder yesterday with guessing the name of the film, I’m gonna feature this Porco Russo card that I received and talk about the film featured previously! I think it’s only fair. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually switch the descriptions so that they match their respective […]

Prism Jump!

Card #3 from the Malaysian anime bundle! This here is from a movie titled “King of Prism”, which is part of a series known as Pretty Rhythm. I’ve never watched Pretty Rhythm, but I can tell it’s a lot like the Aikatsu! series (which I’ve briefly talked about before… and […]