Here’s card #2 of the China parcel! This is of the Gate of Dragon and Phoenix, located in the city of Zunhua (Hebei Province – northeastern China). This gate was built some time between the 1400s to 1500s, and it precedes the Eastern Qing Tombs, which is an 80 sq. km mausoleum complex bearing the tombs of prominent Qing Dynasty members (emperors, empresses, etc.) The symbolism of the dragon and the phoenix are comparable to Yin and Yang, which is something I imagine most of you have heard of before. The dragon and phoenix have long been considered sacred animals and represented the emperor and empress, thus being popular icons to display decoratively on imperial palaces. In modern culture, they also symbolize everlasting love, as they are considered to be “the perfect couple”. With them being such stark representatives of Yin and Yang, it’s no wonder why their union would lead to the ultimate balance. But I’ll say – finding your dragon or phoenix can be tough. About as tough as finding a real dragon/phoenix in some cases *let’s out a self-deprecating laugh*. Thank you lots for this postcard!