An Official Postcrossing card from the Netherlands today! It’s been some time since we talked about lesser known places; the village shown here is called Ugchelen, which is found kind of in the central part of the country. It’s a municipality that’s often associated with the city of Apeldoorn. So yeah, I couldn’t find a whole lot about Ugchelen, except for its participation in the paper industry thanks to the water mills it’s had/it has. On this card you can see some of the flora and fauna of the village, going about their business in the countryside. The humans on bikes are also going about their business and perhaps admiring the said flora and fauna along the way. It looks like there are some trails for biking and walking in Ugchelen that offer intimate looks at the nature within. Aaaand that’s about all I have for this post. As I always say – the less researchable, the more local-feeling is it (okay I don’t think I’ve ever actually said that but it will now be one of my mottos, alongside “blah blah blah ethnography” and “my jokes just keep getting worse”…) Thank you so much for this postcard!