Check out this postcard from Thailand! This card shows a view in Surat Thani, a province (with a town of the same name) located in the southern section of the country (in Thailand’s “mullet”, as I like to denote it). The town of Surat Thani sits right on the coast, where the Tapi River (southern Thailand’s longest river) empties out into the Gulf of Thailand (the big body of water just east of the mullet). Surat Thani is largely known as a transportation hub for some of the neighboring islands. For this reason, it’s more often passed through than stayed in. Also for this reason, it’s a less-explored gem of southern Thailand! For starters, you can find some bangin’ seafood, extraordinary temples and lovely waterfalls, all without the burden of tourists crowding the area. One of the key attractions in Surat Thani is the Phum Riang Silk Village, which is a tiny fishing village where Thai blankets are made. These are completely handmade, and you can even watch them being crafted. There’s also the Monkey Training College – yes, you read that correctly – which was started in the 1950s to train monkeys to pick coconuts from trees! What I especially adore about this is the love and care given to the monkeys, and how much the “teachers” value humane treatment towards them. One last attraction that I wanna mention: the Wat Tham Singkhon Cave Temple. I really just wanted to point this one out because of the SUPER COOL giant gold Buddha sitting outside of it! I could definitely see how Surat Thani is such a gem. I’m legitimately craving a trip here. Pandemic – please end soon. Sincerely, APFY. Thank you so much for this awesome card!