Here’s another multiview card from Germany! This postcard features the city of Kiel, which is located on the northern coast of the country, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. With its proximity to the Baltic Sea, there’s a plethora of water activities to enjoy here. I mean just look – all but one of these panels has good ol’ H2O in it! For example – the world’s biggest sailing event known as Kieler Woche (or Kiel Week) is held here for a full weekend each year. The main event is a series of races among vessels, though since its beginnings in 1882 it’s come to include other festivities, such as music performances on the start of the weekend and fireworks at the end. Kiel houses a major naval base for the country, and in the second panel down on the left, you can see the Laboe Navy Memorial. Something I found pretty interesting about this memorial – it was originally dedicated to marine troops who lost their lives in WWI, then those in WWII, and finally just to anyone, German or otherwise, who had lost their lives at sea. The Möltenort U-Boat Memorial on the opposite side of the card bears a similar sentiment with those who died in WWI and WWII. At the bottom-right (and I believe directly under the “Greetings from Kiel” text) is the town hall – a staple of every multiview card, right? This building was constructed in the early 1900s, and you can get a pretty sweet view of the harbor from the top of the tower. In the panel below the Möltenort U-Boat Memorial is St. Nikolai, a Protestant church that stands as the town’s oldest building. According to the sender, ships are constantly leaving Kiel to head to places like Sweden and Norway… and now that I look at it on the map, I can see they’re fairly close (although there are plenty of islands in between to navigate around – gee, thanks a lot, Denmark!) Thank you bunches for sending me this lovely postcard!