This postcard arrived from New Mexico! Welcome to Acoma Pueblo, the “Sky City”, located a bit west of Albuquerque (so somewhat central-west NM). Acoma Pueblo is a Native American pueblo – and by “pueblo”, I mean a sort of indigenous town, particularly in the Southwest, with buildings made of stone, wood and adobe (which is like a type of clay). It’s said that this pueblo has been inhabited for over 2,000 years, making it one of the oldest continuously-inhabited towns in the country! Sky City gets its nickname from its placement atop a 100m-tall mesa, as you can see here. This was done for defensive purposes against raiders. The Acoma people of the pueblo are largely known for their art and pottery. Acoma pottery is characterized by thin walls, which is a product of traditional firing methods (for solidifying the clay). I also noticed that the products are very… round. I mean lots of pottery is already round but in this case, particularly so! The materials are often found around the pueblo, and once the pieces are complete, they’re adorned with hand-painted patterns, usually with the traditional colors of black and orange. While residents of the pueblo don’t really live in the ancestral sector full-time any more, they still often return for special cultural occasions, and the Acoma potters still very much carry on tradition with their renowned trade. If there are any places on Earth that are culture-rich, it’s places like these, folks! Thanks so much for sending this wonderful postcard to me!