This Official Postcrossing card came to me from Germany! This is a multiview of the northernmost island of Germany – Sylt! Sylt is just off the coast of the northwestern corner of the country, and it actually extends a bit beyond its border with Denmark. Known as the “Queen of the North Sea”, Sylt has 40 km of beaches along its coast, making it the holder of one of the longest unbroken beaches in Europe. This island is largely known for its water sports, food, and presence of celebrities. The Windsurf World Cup takes place on this island… and if you don’t know what windsurfing is, or how it works, it’s basically surfing with a sail/mast on your board. So you stand up on it, but you hold onto a sail and use the wind to propel yourself. Water conditions are great for water sports such as this, as well as sailing in general. The nightlife and food & drink scene on Sylt is also bumpin’ – you’ve got both the high-end fine dining and the more familiar seaside restaurants, all serving the latest and the greatest local produce. It already sounds like a first-class vacation spot, doesn’t it? And that it is! Sylt – which goes by another nickname: the “German Hamptons” – is a place where many German celebrities have a beach residence at. So, if you come to visit this place, you might find yourself bumping into one. Granted, I don’t know any German celebrities, so I’d personally be none the wiser… but I also live under a rock, and there aren’t any other celebrities here. At any rate, this is a bangin’ place to check out – and you’d better do so before the tides of the North Sea eat too much of its beaches away! (Unfortunately the land loss situation is quite real, though I don’t know the rate of it.) Thank you so much for sending me this cool postcard!