Man we’re all about multiview cards these days. Here’s one from the Philippines! Featured is the city of Manila, the country’s capital, located in the island of Luzon (the largest island, found in the northern part of the archipelago). Manila is the country’s most populous city and the world’s most densely populated, with over 40,000 people per square km. Although I guess it would be more like cube km due to skyscraper residences but… I don’t work at the almanac society. Anyway, I’ll briefly talk about each panel as I’ve been doing in the past few posts (I’m meeting the heck outta my research quota!) On the left is a view out towards… Manila Bay, I believe? The card states it’s “Marine Bay” on the back, but I can’t find anything about that – only Manila Bay. But I digress – that colonial-style vehicle you see among the trees is known as a calesa. This is kinda like a horse and buggy, except the carriage has two wheels rather than four. Personally, I feel like it gives it a bit of an illusionary effect, like it should be falling backwards or something (I would recommend looking up a clearer picture to see what I’m talking about… or if I’m just crazy). Another cool mode of transportation is the jeepney, on the right side (above the “MA”). I did a post about this in 2018 – ; feel free to show past Tyler some love by checking that out! Next to the jeepney is the main gate of Fort Santiago, a citadel (or fortress) of the “Walled City” known as Intramuros. In the 1500s, the Spanish began colonizing the islands, and they picked the Manila Bay area to be their defensive base in Asia. As you can imagine, there was plenty of time left in the course of history for invaders to constantly attack the fortified city, so much of the city was leveled. Lastly, below those two panels is an example of architecture influenced by the Hispanic era of colonization. This, coupled with the calesa and the Walled City, are just a few indicators of the colonial influence brought to these islands. Thank you tons for sending me this neat postcard!