Here’s a postcard I received from Kenya! This actually comes from an old pen pal I had – what an awesome treat it was to receive this! It’s probably my only postcard from this country, now that I think about it. Kenya is a country that sits in the middle of the eastern African coast, and it’s largely known for its reserves and national parks where wild animals such as elephants, gazelles and lions frolic. A fun fact about these animals: it’s illegal to hunt them! Which might go without saying, as Kenya is one of the leading safari destinations in the world… and the animals are the highlight of such trips! Other animal feats that Kenya can boast include being home to the world’s fastest land animal: the cheetah, which can run at 120 km per hour! (That’s two kilometers in a minute! My best 2 km time is definitely higher than that!) There’s also the Great Wildebeest Migration, the largest animal migration in the world. Over two million ungulates (or hoofed animals) take an exodus each year through Kenya and Tanzania for grazing purposes. This includes wildebeests, zebras and gazelles. Just watched a video of it and it kind of reminded me of that one scene in The Lion King, although it wasn’t nearly as scary or tense as that part of the movie. Thank you lots for this amazing postcard!