This postcard is from Texas! This here is a depiction of The Last Great Cattle Drive of the 20th Century in Fort Worth, the 5th-largest city in the state and 13th-largest in the country (wow, so 5 of those 13 are all Texas cities?) I know Fort Worth from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which I’ve been to a number of times. But Fort Worth is more than just a shared name! This city is known for its history in cattle trade. Back in the late 1800s, cattle drovers would bring heck-loads of cattle along the Chisholm Trail, which extends north from Kansas all the way down into Texas. The last stop? Fort Worth! Fort Worth thus served as a transportation hub where cattle could be shipped from, and because of the constant influx of cattle being driven through the city, it was nicknamed “Cowtown”. Today, the stockyards that the cattle were brought through is a historic district, containing a number of western-themed spots and museums on ranches. The Last Great Cattle Drive of the 20th Century, which is being shown here, is actually the first of its kind, as it became an inaugural event done by the Fort Worth Herd. Naturally, it’s done to recreate the cattle drives of the 19th century. For its 20th anniversary in 2019, they even had 20 longhorn cattle for the occasion. So yeah, while the numbers aren’t as steep as those from the 1800s, it’s still a sight that’ll make you say… “holy cow”. It literally hurts my soul to use a pun as corny as that, but I’m willing to suck it up. Thank you for this awesome postcard!