Here’s card #6 – the final card – from this set of Chinese postcards! This last one features what I believe is a scene from the 16th century Chinese novel “Journey to the West” – specifically, the Monkey King. I’m not actually sure which one of these is the Monkey King – I’m inclined to think it’s the one being served those grapes, but my Google searches seem to suggest otherwise. But anyway, this is a novel that features the Monkey King, named Sun Wukong, who is borne from rock and learns the powers of the Taoist gods (eastern deities), which includes being able to shapeshift into one of any 72 forms (including an insect, a tree, a bird, etc.) The story starts with him rebelling against the army of Heaven, then travelling to modern-day India to fetch the holy books of Buddhism. My synopsis probably doesn’t do it much justice and is way too concise for this 100-chapter novel. But hey, here’s a fun fact: the movie “Journey to the West” is loosely based on this work… and I have a short post about that! – if you’re interested. Another fun fact: the Monkey King’s origins go back to a certain fellow from the epic “Ramayana” – my favorite, Hanuman! Which is kinda funny, because I thought of Hanuman as I was looking at this card. Hanuman will always be dear to my heart – that cool monkey son of a gun. Thank you sooooo much for all these amazing postcards and all your kindness!