Here is #5 from the Chinese bundle! This is a movie advertisement card for the film “The Great Gatsby”, which is adapted from a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I’m wondering if anyone else had to read this back in high school – I remember it was the third required reading for my 10th grade English class. But I couldn’t remember much of what this was about, other than that there’s quite a bit of romantic drama. I did also watch the film, shortly after it came out, which features Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey McGuire. In short, the story centers around Jay Gatsby, a wealthy man living in New York who is constantly throwing parties at his mansion and yearns to reunite with his ex-lover. It takes place during the 1920s, or the Roaring Twenties… which I realize we are now back in, roaring for quite different reasons though. Thank you so much for this awesome postcard! One more to go from this parcel!