This one is a recent card sent to me from South Dakota! As I don’t talk much about SD, this state is in kind of the mid-northern part of the country… but not completely north, as that’s where North Dakota lies… surprise, surprise. Anyway, what’s shown here is a look at some of the many heavenly goods and services provided by America’s #1 roadside attraction – the Wall Drug Store! Wall Drug is a stop in the town of Wall near Rapid City, which is located on the western side of the state. It was kicked off in 1931 by Ted and Dorothy Hustead, who took a bit of a risk when they started a drug store in the unpopulated and not-so-wealthy town of Wall. At first, it was kind of a flub. In the summer a few years after, they had the idea to provide free ice water to travelers and set up signs along the highway advertising it (as well as their other amenities). One might not think much of that nowadays, but back then that was a pretty eye-catching offer. And it worked! People came in for the ice water. People also came in for the other goods and services. And today people come here for everything! With over 7,000 sq. m of attractions, you can find boots, jewelry, ice cream, a chapel, an art gallery, rocks, donuts, clothing, pottery, moccasins… oh yeah there’s a drug store too, can’t forget about that. I mean heck, you can see many of what’s offered here on this lovely postcard! I’m so intrigued! Never did I think I’d have a reason to go to South Dakota! (No offense to SD… just, one of the more overlooked states, I suppose!) Thank you lots and lots for thinking of me and sending this wonderful card to me during your trip, Willa!