This Official Postcrossing card came from Finland! I was trying to figure out where in Finland this was, but I couldn’t seem to find it, so it might just be a general look at it. These are summer greetings from the country – a season I didn’t know existed in Finland (I kid of course… :P) Over in the northern hemisphere we’re all well into the summer, though I have yet to see the dandelions spring forth like in the last panel. Fun fact about summer in Finland: Finland has the nickname “Land of the Midnight Sun”. The reason: in northern Finland (particularly, Finnish Lapland), people experience a 70-day-long summer day as the sun does not fully set! It compensates for the long winter, and people are quick to take advantage of these phenomenal daylight hours. That would be such a surreal experience for me, I don’t know if I’d ever wanna go to bed! Thank you so much for this wonderful postcard!