Last one of the set! This one is postcard #4, to match the four-of-a-kind that the Auntie on the left has. Not sure what they’re playing, but they have five cards each, so… could be poker, right? But as you can see, there are no chips or money being bet. I can only imagine it’s because they already have all they need for a fulfilling time. Sure, without bets, it’s largely a matter of seeing what cards you’re dealt. But with the greatest company, even the worst hand can be well-enjoyed. I know we don’t often see the hard times in the Aunties’ lives – they’re always looking chipper and cheerful in these postcards. I guess, though, that they’re a reminder that there’s always room for smiles. It’s simplicity without lack; extraordinary borne of the ordinary. How cool to have learned such things from the adventurous Aunties – dang, I think I’m about to be an Inge Löök convert! Thank you Ulli for sending me these amazing cards and for always being your awesome self!