For this post, we have a cameo! It’s a boy coming to fetch his ball… and in front of the ball are – who would’ve guessed it? Auntie and Auntie! This one is postcard #9. The Aunties are standing in front of Kahvila Café (is this a real place? I wonder…), back at their usual antics (aunt-ics, if you will). Their carefree nature is just all too admirable to the onlooker, although I don’t know what the boy is thinking. He’s kinda looking back like “Mom, are you sure it’s safe to go over there?!” Fear not, lad – the only thing you need to worry about is getting that ball back quick, or those active ladies are gonna have a kickball tournament ‘til the break of dawn! Not gonna lie – it’s pretty fun to make up backstories for these cards. I’ve said this before, but man, no wonder Inge Löök is so revered. Her Auntie’s undying smiles are just too darn contagious, aren’t they? And thank you, Ulli, for always continuing to bring me smiles with these awesome cards and with all that you are!