Here’s a postcard from Scotland! Featured is the Waverley, the world’s last operating paddle steamer, traversing the waters of Millport Bay. I’ll talk a bit more about the Waverley later, but let’s first establish what Millport is! Millport is the only town located on the island of Great Cumbrae, which lies off the eastern coast of Scotland. Historically Millport was a customs base for vessels traveling through the River Clyde (an east to west river that empties out into the Firth of Clyde, which is where Great Cumbrae is located). Ships known as customs cutters would be in charge of patrolling the area and intercepting anyone trying to smuggle illegal stuff through this way. Today, Millport serves also as a lovely tourist area where you can enjoy the water sports, the land sports, and the museums. Okay, so now to talk a bit more about the Waverley – this ship is a paddle steamer, which is a steamship that uses a paddle wheel to make itself mobile. So lemme break it down for ya – the “steamer” part of it comes from how water is heated by the ship’s boiler to the point where it evaporates. The pressure from it triggers a piston which then triggers a crank, and finally the crank causes the paddle wheel to move (if you’re not sure of what a paddle wheel is, imagine a waterwheel that you would see next to like an old countryside house). Then bam, you’re moving! While the Waverley has been conducting cruises for over 70 years, it unfortunately had to be withdrawn from service in 2019 due to needing new boilers. As you know from the above, boilers are an essential catalyst for the ship’s movement. The donation page is still up… so heck, why don’t I include it in my post? – I don’t normally include links like this but eh, consider it part of due diligence! Thank you bunches for sending me this wonderful postcard!